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Since moving to Tateshina Highlands in early 2022 from Sydney, Australia, we have been absolutely blown away at all this secluded resort town has to offer its residents and guests. From its spectacular mossy forests, the mouth-watering local cuisine, plethora of outdoor and cultural activities, to its warm-hearted and capable locals - the region constantly surprises us in the most pleasant ways possible.

Unlike many tourists spots in Japan that have been over-run by rampant development, Tateshina has emerged largely unscathed, most likely thanks to two factors: it has long been the number-one destination for Japanese to escape the country’s oppressively muggy summers, so it never had to rely on inbound tourism; and secondly, it’s probably because the major Japanese corporations who have established recreational facilities here for their staff have made a conscious effort to leave its magical alpine woodlands as untouched as possible - a real testament to Japan’s efforts to live in harmony with nature.

As such, we feel an immense responsibility to share the treasures of this elegantly understated and irresistibly charming mountain retreat in a way that respects local sensibilities and attracts people who also share a deep appreciation of nature, who are genuinely curious about the local culture and traditions, and have a strong desire to make lasting friendships with the locals. Speaking of locals, we need to give a shout out to Mr Masahiko Sendoh for sharing some amazing photos of Tateshina for this website.

Which is why our focus is quite unlike most tourism-related portals, which provide information on all the attractions the region has to offer. Instead, we are delighted to be able to introduce Tateshina through the lenses of its amazing locals as they take us on leisurely drives in and around this sub-alpine wonderland.

Thank you for stopping by to consider Tateshina as the next and most captivating chapter in your ongoing Japan love story. It would be our absolute pleasure to unlock all the secret charms Japan’s best-kept secret has to offer.


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