The crown jewel of Japan's mountain getaways


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Embark on a transformative voyage in Tateshina, conveniently nestled a mere three hours away from Tokyo, where for generations, Japanese have sought refuge in this serene retreat, especially from Japan's stifling summers, shielding it from the influx of international visitors. Drawn by its idyllic climate, lush mossy forests, and winding mountain roads, domestic tourists flock to Tateshina year after year.

To be honest, we want to keep this secret to ourselves. However, if you're a nature lover, an avid road-tripper, and crave meaningful connections with locals, you've come to the right place. Tateshina offers a haven where you can unwind, take in the breathtaking scenery, and feel the warmth of the many talented individuals in this vibrant community. It's time to unveil the allure of this hidden paradise and set off on an amazing adventure.

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Humans of Tateshina



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